As State Representative, Chairman of the School Committee, and a Town Councilor, I was afforded the opportunity to speak in a number of settings.  These included graduation ceremonies, student assemblies, and other functions.  In preparing remarks for these occasions, I carefully researched, reflected, and considered the audience in crafting my thoughts.  Below I have included some of my favorites.  They provide additional insight into the ideas that inform my thinking, and provide clues about how I approach issues in the House of Representatives.

HMMS All-in Reading and Veteran’s Day Event – 2014

Franklin Memorial Day Ceremony – 2014

Graduation 2011 – Creativity, civility and responsibility

Graduation 2010 – Americans look out for one another

Graduation 2008 – Tear down some more walls

Graduation 2007 – The Pluto Class

Six Pillars 2010 – What are you doing for justice?

Six Pillars 2007 – Pay it Forward

Six Pillars 2006 – A Farm Story

Library Dedications


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