Serving with the Massachusetts General Court, Franklin Town Council, Franklin School Committee, and Franklin Democratic Town Committee has provided many opportunities to meet many people from Franklin and Medway and participate in a number of activities.




Healthcare reform made it through the Massachusetts House this week and I was honored to be a part of the team that made it happen. I thank Speaker DeLeo for his continued support and leadership in the healthcare arena and for the opportunity to work on this reform package. Massachusetts continues to lead the way in increasing access to care, improving quality, and increasing efficiencies in the delivery of services.


Fifty three companies manufacturing in Massachusetts were honored at the State House and WCVB-TV’s Doug Meehan issued this report:


Rep. Roy joined his colleagues in a request to CPSC for further investigation into the safety of crumb rubber turf fields. We have received many reports, and one recently from Mass DPH, that the fields are safe, and we have not received any information about harm to any area residents. But conflicting scientific analyses, and a desire to err on the side of caution, caused us to reach out to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for further study. Having more information is always welcome.


The ladybug was adopted as the official state insect of Massachusetts in 1974 (thanks to a campaign that began with a second-grade class in the town of Franklin). Here is the WCVB Chronicle report on how it all happened.


Rep. Roy introduced a bill to study the pros and cons of the Pay It Forward model to pay for a college education. Under this program it wouldn’t cost you anything to go to college while you there. After graduation, students wouldn’t be thousands of dollars in debt, but they will still have to pay for their education. The exact amount would depend on the graduates’ incomes. A small percentage would be taken out of their paychecks over the next 20 or 30 years. The bill was heard by the Joint Committee on Higher Education.


Rep. Roy delivered his maiden speech in support of House 1566, an act concerning electronic publication of certain legal notices. Here is the video:

Rep. Roy joined his colleagues Senator Karen Spilka and Senator Richard J. Ross at a taping for some cooking shows to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry. They worked with Trisha Perez Kennealy from Artistry Kitchen in Franklin to prepare healthy meals from food available at the food pantry. The meals included several variations of chicken, a kale soup, and a sausage stir fry. Each were prepared in under 30 minutes. This segment features the sausage stir fry, a great meal that can be put together in 20 minutes.

We sat down with Commissioner Mitchell Chester to talk about the state of Massachusetts education. Here is the video:

Here’s what people are saying about our campaign and candidate:

Last School Committee meeting (10/25/11):  At his last Franklin School Committee meeting in October 2011, Jeff hears from his fellow members about his years of service.

Second debate (8/21/12): Here is the video of the second debate which took place at Medway High School.  Thank you to the Medway Democratic Town Committee for being such gracious hosts and for giving us the chance to articulate our views.

Part II and Jeff’s closing remarks can be viewed by clicking here.

Debate:  In our first of two debates , I was able to clearly articulate a vision for the 10th Norfolk District. It was a great opportunity to highlight the differences in how we would approach life on Beacon Hill.  You can view the debate online by clicking here or on the image below.  Our next debate will be on Tuesday, August 21 at Medway High School.

Google Hangout:

This is our second Google Hangout in our campaign for State representative in the 10th Norfolk District (Franklin & Medway).  We were joined by four Franklin residents and a teacher from Franklin High School.  We discussed a number of topics focusing on the work that is to be done on Beacon Hill.  Enjoy the discussion and learn a bit more about the campaign.

Interview with Frank Falvey:  I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Frank Falvey for his local access cable show (Frank Presents).  Frank covered a wide range of issues involving state and local government. The interview will give you good insight into our campaign.  You can view part one by clicking on the image below.  The links to Part 2 and Part 3 are below the image.  I am interested in your feedback and would love to hear from you after you have an opportunity to watch it.

To view Part 2, click here.

To view Part 3, click here.

Youth Hangout on Google:  This is a replay of the first Google hangout conducted by our campaign.  The youth of our community are an important part of the election process, and we wanted to reach out to them to see what is on their minds, and what is important to them.  And we wanted to do it in a forum that was comfortable and convenient for our youth voters. This video captures the online discussion that took place with questions from voters ranging in age from 18-23.

Here are some video snippets from the Franklin 4th of July parade in 2012:

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