This job is about being accessible and getting things done. With your support, I will bring experienced, bipartisan leadership to the residents and businesses of this district—leadership that responds to your needs and gets results to help our communities through difficult times.

Priorities:  As your representative, my priorities will be your priorities—local aid, economic development, education, and public safety. I will work hard to make progress on the quality of life issues that impact all of us. We have work to do and no one will work harder for you.

Results:  I have always worked hard at the grassroots level to understand issues and get results. I will put your needs first. My door will be open to every resident, business, and local official.

Experience:  With 14 years of local government experience, I know firsthand how state government can help—and hurt—our communities, our schools, our public safety, and our small businesses. I will bring experience, creativity, and a bipartisan approach to work on your behalf every day.

Having gone door-to-door for the last 5 months listening to the concerns of our friends and neighbors, it is clear that we must focus on these specific areas:

Jobs and the economy

Our economy has been faltering, not for everyone, but for too many.  We must develop policies that embrace economic development with the goal of creating good jobs, attracting long term business, and improving our infrastructure; an economy that is beneficial to the investor and the employed alike.  For more on jobs and the economy, click here.

Quality Education

Our children face an even increasing competitive and technical world. We must do everything in our power to strengthen our education system and give every child the opportunity to participate in the American Dream.  Massachusetts has always been a community with high expectations for its schools – in academics, in athletics, in the arts and in community service. During my years with the School Committee, our focus on the classroom delivered a consistently high-performing school district. Students and parents here enjoy a high return with minimal investment.  Our children face an increasingly competitive and demanding world. We must continue to invest in their future.  We should do everything in our power to bolster that commitment and strengthen our education system.  I will bring that sense of commitment with me to Beacon Hill on behalf of the residents of Franklin and Medway.  For more on education, click here.

Civility in Government

Like you, I am frustrated by the lack of civility in the political spectrum.  We need leaders who will seek productive compromise rather than unavailing political points.  We need leaders who build bridges, engage in reasonable debates, and work together for the common good and in the best interests of all.   I will bring that leadership and those ideals with me to Beacon Hill.  For more on this topic, click here.

Public Safety

Maintaining a first rate police force and fire department are essential elements to any public safety plan.  Our crime rate and rate of fires are among the lowest in the state.  If elected, I will work hard to maintain our commitment to public safety.

Public Works

The roads, bridges, recreational spaces, and buildings in our community need and deserve our attention and investment.  Indeed, they stand as the gateways to our community.  They form the first impressions for visitors and lasting impressions for users.  If elected, I will work hard to maintain our commitment to our infrastructure.


As part of our generational responsibility, we must maintain a commitment of service to those in the twilight of their lives.  Franklin and Medway have first rate senior centers and programs which offer a robust and engaging environment for our older residents.  If elected, I will honor that commitment, and continue to work with elder citizens.

Strategic Planning

Better decisions are made when we follow a strategic plan.  The strategic planning process will force us to visit the questions of who we are and what we want for our government.  For more, click here.

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