College in High School bill heard by committee

Highlighting data showing greater academic success among high school students who take college courses, Rep. Roy joined a panel of education experts testifying at an Education Committee hearing urging favorable action on H.693, an act relative to college in high schools. The bill, filed by Rep. Roy and Rep. Kate Lipper-Garabedian, is is a roadmap for success for students in our K12 and higher education systems and will broaden access to post-secondary opportunities for students throughout the Commonwealth.

H693 is a comprehensive plan that:

  • puts in place the necessary administrative, programmatic, and funding structures required for an expansive and thriving College in High School (CIHS) experience. It establishes a new, centralized College In High School Office in DESE that is charged with defining and implementing all CIHS Programs.
  • develops a sustainable funding mechanism to accelerate growth — and provides additional financial incentives to programs that award industry-recognized credentials to high school students.
  • helps ensure that students receive college credit for all courses completed.
  • encourages participation by students, parents, and a network of support services.
  • and at its most basic, requires students to fill out a FAFSA, apply for aid, and take that step towards a post-secondary experience.

The bill offers a “three-fer” in outcomes by expanding degree attainment, addressing the student loan crisis, and helping students with their career development.

In addition to Rep. Roy, testimony was offered by Rep. Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Board of Higher Education Chair Chris Gabrieli, Samuel Gebru (Director of Policy and Public Affairs for the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts), Marjorie Ringrose (Director of Education for the Smith Foundation), Ed Lambert (Executive Director of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education), and Suzanne McGurk (Senior Director, Higher Ed Policy & Community College Engagement at The College Board). You can view their testimony in the videos below.

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