Rep. Roy highlights importance of local manufacturing

Roy Pierce Aluminum1Rep. Jeffrey Roy (D- Franklin) visited Pierce Aluminum’s manufacturing, distribution and national headquarters in Franklin to commemorate Manufacturing Day. Manufacturers from across the country opened their doors on Friday to demonstrate the potential of modern manufacturing, while fostering an interest in manufacturing careers.

“Manufacturing is the sixth largest employment sector in Massachusetts, and is helping to lead us out of the recession,” noted Rep. Roy after the visit. “My visit with Pierce today, and the many other manufacturers in the area over the past several months, is part of an effort to support and recognize our manufacturers as leaders in advancing the Commonwealth’s economy. The manufacturing of today involves a lot more expertise and training in technology, programming and streamlined production. We need to prepare and train people to work in this vital sector.”

“I am proud to say that the Legislature has made thoughtful investments in the state’s manufacturing industry,” said House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, D-Winthrop. “Whether through the gaming law or the 2012 economic development legislation, Massachusetts is increasingly becoming the place for manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing Day is a call to action for legislators, business leaders and employers. I urge you to pursue new ways to incorporate these jobs – for employees of all skill levels – into existing and emerging industries. I believe this is essential in furthering our state’s development and will help make Massachusetts a better place to live, work and do business.”

Roy Pierce Aluminum4“Manufacturing is vitally important to the Massachusetts economy,” stated Senate President Pro Tempore Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, Senate Chairman of the Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus. “What were once dark, gritty factories, are now high-tech, innovative facilities that provide good paying jobs to skilled and educated employees. Partnering with manufacturing leaders to ensure that their companies have the tools and highly trained workforce they need to grow is an essential component of our strategy for economic growth.”

“In light of very positive competitiveness trends in both domestic and global markets, Massachusetts manufacturers are experiencing a welcomed and sustained resurgence of business activity that is favorable to our entire state’s ongoing recovery,” said Rep. John V. Fernandes, D-Milford, House Chairman of the Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus. “These large and small-sized manufacturing companies often provide meaningful jobs for thousands of new and retrained workers, offer middle-class level wages, and energize regional suppliers and ancillary businesses for long-term growth. We must do what we can to facilitate that growth and develop a strong nexus between educational and training opportunities and the specialized worker skills required by these companies to ultimately succeed.”

Manufacturing Day is a national event designed to addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their efforts in a coordinated fashion. The goal of Manufacturing Day is to begin addressing the national skilled labor shortage that manufacturers face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing, and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry.

In Massachusetts, manufacturing contributes to more than 10 percent of gross state product (GSP). Currently there are 7,680 manufacturing establishments in Massachusetts that employ more than 275,000 residents. Over the next five years, manufacturing establishments are expected to expand their employment by an estimated 65 percent.

State Senators and Representatives are supported by the Legislature’s recently-formed, bi-partisan Manufacturing Caucus which serves as a link for legislators cutting across issues that affect the manufacturing industry. Rep. Roy is a member of that caucus.

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