Making a commitment to the challenge

Last weekend, our candidate pedaled through Franklin as part of a team of over 5,000 cyclists participating in the Pan Mass Challenge.  It was his 10th ride in the fight against cancer.

“The event has become an important part of my life,” noted Roy.  “Over the years, I have lost too many dear friends and relatives diagnosed with cancer.  I often wondered what I could do to help.  When I finally heard about the PMC, then I knew there was something meaningful I could do to honor them. By joining the PMC team, I knew I could become one of the thousands of cyclists who call upon their strength to help others.”

Riding in the PMC is a way to channel physical, mental, and emotional energy into something much greater than the athletic accomplishment that is gained by riding up to 192 miles. PMC cyclists use their strength to help those who cannot.

Roy added, “The ride took me off the campaign trail for a few days, but I am committed to this fight to eradicate cancer and will ride each summer until we find a cure.”  He started riding in 2003 as part of the Phil’s Phriends team from Franklin, following the death of one of his friends who succumbed to colon cancer.

The brief film above was part of the opening ceremonies for the 2012 PMC and speaks to the mission of the event.  Jeff was honored to participate in the making of it.  As he noted, “Riding in this event for the last 10 years has taught me a lot about the importance of making a commitment and working hard to achieve your goal. It has taught me that committed people with a unified mission can accomplish great things for one another. And commitment is a big part of running and serving as a State Representative.”

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