FHS project will affect property values in Franklin

Today’s email from the Citizens for a new FHS made a very compelling case for the facility.  It focuses on the impact the project will have on property values in our community.  I have reproduced it here in its entirety:

The campaign for a new Franklin High School is entering the homestretch with strong support from many families, individuals and civic leaders. Now, we’re pleased to report that 12 prominent Franklin real estate agents have put their competitive spirits aside to unite behind a YES vote on the March 27 debt exclusion to bring our community a fully furnished and equipped 21st century high school.

In a Letter to the Editor published this week and available here, the realtors argue,There is an absolute, indisputable correlation between home values and school ranking.  So, whether or not you have a child in the Franklin school system, this impacts every home and/or commercial business owner in the town of Franklin.”

A top-of-mind concern among new home buyers is the quality and reputation of the local school system. The real estate agents say that the new Franklin High School will make a “powerful impression on potential buyers” and will “strengthen our position amongst towns with sought-after school districts.” The professionals say the end result is an increase in property values.

 They also warn that property values could diminish if the high school project is not approved since some families will consider moving out of Franklin to a town with a more desirable school system. With a surplus of houses on the market, sales prices will be lower and therefore will negatively impact property values.

The outcome of the debt exclusion vote will also impact commercial real estate values. The real estate agents say that if the new high school is approved, companies will be more likely to invest in Franklin by locating businesses in our community. “This will help to fill the vacant spaces we have and will strengthen the long term viability of our community to remain one of the Top 10 communities to LIVE and WORK in the nation,” they argue.

More importantly, if the debt-exclusion vote is passed, “home and business owners are likely to see an increase in the value of their respective properties many, many times more than the temporary increase in property taxes that will be required to pay for the new school.”

Again, you can read this very important Letter to the Editor in its entirety by clicking here.

The bottom line for all of us, whether you have children in the schools or not, is that a YES vote on March 27 will not only provide our present and future students with the facility they need to compete in the global economy, but also will deliver long-term benefits for the entire community in the form of increased property values and business investment.

March 27 represents a now-or-never chance to support construction of a fully furnished and equipped 21st century high school and auditorium for our community. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a new, fully furnished and equipped high school with a state reimbursement rate of 59.52 percent, taking full advantage of historic low construction and borrowing costs and protecting our property values’

Do NOT take this vote for granted. Voting YES is important. Do NOT assume the debt exclusion will win approval without YOUR VOTE on March 27. For more information, please visit the website at www.newfhs.com and “Like” and visit the Facebook page often for updates: http://www.facebook.com/newfhs.

Please share this note with your friends, neighbors and social networks so that everyone understands the benefits that a new FHS will bring to our entire community. Encourage your friends to vote YES on March 27. Make no mistake: Every vote will be needed!

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