Melanie Hamblen

MelHamblen2I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Jeff Roy for re-election as our State Representative.
I met Jeff for the first time during his first State Rep campaign. At that time I was heading into Boston to work at Children’s Hospital. Jeff was at the train station every morning and every evening, meeting people, talking to everyone, answering questions and bringing back answers the next day. I was impressed with his passion to find out what issues people wanted to talk about and find out how to better our lives.
I met him again during his office hours over a year and a half ago to gain his support for the creation of the Franklin Agricultural Commission. He was an early supported of the commission, our farmers and preserving our open space. Without his support in the State House I think our legislation would not have become a reality.

Recently I was at an event where the person next to me asked me where I lived. I said “Franklin”. She was so happy for us saying that “You are so lucky to have Jeff Roy as your Rep. He is always at every hearing, always fighting for you” She is a lead council at the state house.

I believe Jeff cares about the people he represents, no matter what party. He represents all of us.