Matt Kelly

KellyDear Representative Roy,

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize you for your dedication, hard work and commitment to the Town of Franklin as our State Representative. While many will go the route of talking about issues and challenges that face our community, you have continued to fight for Franklin at the state level to insure that our community receives only the best opportunities and is never forgotten.
During your time as our State Representative we have had many opportunities to get to know and work together. The dignity and dedication that you bring to the position that you have been elected to is commendable in this day and age. You have fought with me for our seniors, veterans, families, children, unions and more when they have been in need and only your position could resolve the difficult situation. You have impressed me with your ability to reach across the aisle in today’s heated political climate to do what is best for your communities and the citizens that call them home.
Your position as State Representative is vital to our community and there is so much more for you still to do in your position. I could not endorse a better person for the 2018 State Representative race than you, Mr Roy. It is for all that you have done for our community and this great state I would like to provide my support for Jeff Roy, State Representative in Franklin and Medway, Massachusetts.
I wish you nothing but the best in your reelection.


Matthew T Kelly