Glenn Jones

As a Town Councilor, in order to serve the great citizens of the Town of FranklinGlennJones effectively, I need to have colleagues that can be responsive, reliable, dedicated, compassionate, and empathetic. Someone I can call, text, or email and have them respond timely and accurately.

Such a person is Jeff Roy!

Over his many years of serving the Town of Franklin as a School Committee Chairman, Town Councillor and State Representative, Jeff has proven time and time again to be the best at providing for the many needs of its citizens, businesses, families, and children.

When Jeff first ran for State Representative I said it then and I’ll say it again….I do not vote for a party I vote for the best person for the job!

And the best person for the job is still Rep. Jeff Roy!

Please Vote this November to help Jeff to continue his superb contributions as a State Representative for the Town of Franklin!