Dr. Jordan Warnick

A bit more than 3 years ago, I met Jeff Roy when an invitation went out about a panel discussion at a Franklin High School on opioids and the problems related to drug abuse. My interests in the problem stem from nearly 40 years as a health professional, medical professor/associate dean and medical educator. More than 300 people showed up from Franklin and surrounding towns. Shortly thereafter, Jeff invited me to be part of the Board of Incorporators that met at his office and other places and in short time elected a Board of Directors for the SAFE Coalition, which I’ve been gratefully involved in as Secretary of the Board. Jeff has been consistently involved with group, providing ideas, government financial and moral support and a strong knowledge of where the state and local jurisdictions are heading. There is no question my mind that Jeff Roy should be re-elected as our state representative. He truly cares for the people in Franklin AND Medway as well as those in the rest of our county and state, whether related to Substance Use Disorder, other health initiatives, arts, business and manufacturing. I strongly urge you to get out and vote to keep Jeff in office.