I am humbled by the outpouring of support I have received from my friends, colleagues, and associates about my candidacy. Here is a list of town leaders, friends, neighbors, groups, and fellow citizens who have endorsed me in this race to continue as the State Representative for the 10th Norfolk District.  Some have also written letters of endorsement which you can view by clicking their name.  I would love to add your name and/or letter to the list.  Just contact me by clicking here.  The list will be updated every week.

Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III


Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey


Robert Dellorco, Franklin Town Councilor

Melanie Hamblen, Franklin Town Councilor

Glenn Jones, Franklin Town Councilor

Matt Kelly, Franklin Town Councilor

Tom Mercer, Franklin Town Councilor

Deborah L. Pellegri, Town Councilor


Glenn Trindade, Medway Selectman


Anne Bergen, Franklin School Committee

Dianne Feeley, Franklin School Committee

Monica Linden, Franklin School Committee

Denise Schultz, Franklin School Committee

Mary Jane Scofield


American Federation of Teachers

James Derick, Franklin, MA

Franklin Permanent Fire Fighters Association

Sarah Mabardy, Franklin, MA

Massachusetts & Northern New England Laborers’ District Council

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Maxwell Morrongiello, Franklin, MA

Mary Olsson, Franklin, MA

Don Palladini, Franklin, MA

Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts

SEIU Local 509

Shannon Reeve-Glockner

Robert Vacca, Franklin Teacher

Hon. James E. Vallee

Bob Vozzella

Dr. Jordan Warnick, Medway, MA




1 Response to Endorsements

  1. Deborah L. Pellegri, Town Councilor says:

    I would be honored to add my name to the list of endorsements

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