Other Resources

Field Medical Station at DCU Center. In an effort to relieve pressure on the state’s health care system and provide additional medical capacity, the Baker-Polito Administration today announced that a field medical station with more than 200 beds is scheduled to be set up at the DCU Center in Worcester starting Wednesday. For more information, please click here.

Ongoing Blood Product Shortage. The Red Cross is facing a critical shortage of blood due to the cancelation of various blood drives across the state; however, the Governor has deemed blood and plasma donors as well as employees that operate these organizations as part of an essential service. If you are healthy, feeling well and are eligible to give blood or platelets and you are interested in donating platelets you can visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 1-800-733-2767 to schedule an appointment.

Office hours. Here is the video from our virtual office hours with Franklin Town Administrator Jamie Hellen and Franklin Town Council Chair Tom Mercer and other guests.

Telehealth. The Division of Insurance issued an order on 3/16 regarding insurance coverage that all commercial and group health insurers cover all medically necessary telehealth services. The full order can be found by clicking here.

Personal hygiene is important. Common sense steps to take include washing your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and clean things that are frequently touched. You can also help keep others safe by staying home if you are sick. If you need to contact a healthcare provider call ahead first or use telehealth services.

Practice social distancing. Help protect others and yourself by keeping your distance people (try to maintain a distance of 6 feet). This can help protect those who are older, and people living with chronic conditions. Try to avoid crowds as much as possible. Don’t shake hands or hug. Try to stay connected with others through calls/FaceTime/online chats and other forms of social media.

Pet & Animals. Can my pet get COVID-19? What can I do to help animals and shelters during this crisis? The Society of the United States has developed a COVID-19 shelter toolkit. This is a live page that is being continuously updated with new resources and information as the situation develops.

NYTimes e-book. As Covid-19 cases continue to be confirmed, the New York Times has developed a free book that will help reduce your risk and do your part to protect others. The bookaddresses what to do if you feel sick and are worried it may be the coronavirus, what scientists have learned about how the virus infects and attacks cells, how to talk to children and teens about the outbreak, what to do if you’re worried about the stock market and much more. To view the book, click here.

Google resource page. Google has launched a new website and enhanced its search options for people seeking information about the new coronavirus. You can view that site by clicking here.